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Illegally parked vehicle in no standing zone

446C Dean Street
November 11, 2012 - 4:30pm

A Honda SUV, NY Plate FXA-8153 was parked in this no standing zone since around 1pm on Sunday, Nov. 11, presumably for the Nets game at the Barlcays Center. Since the arena opened, this no standing area has become a popular parking space, with zero enforcement coming from police. Often, two cars are parked in this illegal spot.

311 patched me through to 911 because I said the situation might be dangerous -- this is because trucks often cannot make the turn when cars are parked in this spot -- but 911 said it wasn't an emergency situation (obviously).

2012-11-11 16.32.39.jpg1.42 MB

Any placard?

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Often such vehicles have a placard indicating they are operated by emergency service personnel or others with special privileges, who thus get a bye regarding enforcement. Did you see anything on the dashboard?


Hey Norman -- there was no

Hey Norman -- there was no placard in this instance, though I have seen cars with them parked there in the past. This does seem to be a popular parking spot for police, fire, and others who have the special cards. In this case, though, there was none. The bigger issue is the over all lack of illegal parking enforcement in the blocks surrounding the arena.