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Multiple limos and black cars illegally parked

Bergen St. Between 5th Ave and Flatbush
November 26, 2012 - 9:00pm

Multiple (at least 6) "black cars" and stretch limos on the block of Bergen St. between 5th ave and Flatbush. The bus stop at both ends of the block were blocked for a time, as of now only 1 is. Multiple vehicles parked in "no parking" zone at North/East end of block (in front of hardware store). For a time there were 2 such vehicles parked/idling in the (new?) turn lane just before 5th Avenue. Multiple cars are from the "elite" company.

311 report was filed. I got a call back from the 78th pct within minutes. The caller said he would send a car out. I have not seen one yet (20 minutes). Caller also suggested that perhaps some of the vehicles had permits "from the arena." I questioned what sort of permit would allow such a thing and that is when he said a car would be sent.

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