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Rat Infestation - Fort Greene

Fulton Street & South Portland Avenue
June 20, 2011 - 8:00pm

We have seen a dramatic spike in rat sitings at this location. They are brazenly coming out to feed on garbage being placed out for collection the next day. They are not shy and are coming out at times when people are still walking the sidewalks around 8:00 PM (still light). We have seen them running up and down the subway entrance(A,C,G)at South Portland and Fulton Street during the early morning commute times. Our super counted four dead ones this week from bait stations he placed around the garbage cans. They were BIG! One rat jumped out of a can as he was reaching in to pull out the bag to put out for collection. We have metal drums with lids for garbage in our building. The problem is when the bags are put curbside out for collection. We have seen them coming out of burrows around the street storm inlet (drain) at the South West corner of South Portland and Atlantic. We have never had such a severe rat infestation in the area in the 28 years I've been around.

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We do see the severity of the issue regarding this issue.  Please also refer to the forum board http://www.atlanticyardswatch.net/rodent-infestation  as we are trying to create greater awareness regarding this issue and other similar cases.  Hopefully, this sense of urgency can lead to possible mitigation measures. 


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In response to community complaints the distribution of free lidded "rodent proof" trash cans has been expanded into Fort Greene.  The filer of this incident report is recommended to contact Council Member Letitia James' office.