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Live cameras

Arena block from east

Block 1120/6th Avenue from north

13 illegally parked cars on Atlantic Avenue between Fort Greene Place and South Portland

north side of Atlantic between Fort Greene Place and South Portland
December 4, 2012 - 6:45pm

13 illegally parked cars in a "no parking from 7 am to midnight" area.  The remaining spaces were largely taken up by drivers waiting in their cars while idling.
In the arena operations presentation this was the area that was supposed to used for pick up and drop off.  Not anymore.  Now the area the arena patrons get out of their cars is the travel lane next to it.  This is a parking and standing area.  
Cars want to stop here because it is right across from the arena, and so many of them are driving westbound on Atlantic during most events.  Infact to the eye more are driving westbound than eastbound, which may be why the lay by-lane on the across the street is not used as much.

The nature of the threat posed by the incident or impact.
Extended community
Personal injury
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