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Illegal parking and apparent idling

Various locations around vicinity of arena
December 5, 2012 - 8:30pm

I walked the area to the east and north of the arena, (Prospect Heights and Fort Greene) from 8:30 to 9:30 PM during Andrea Bocelli.  I did not file 311 complaints because of the number of illegally parked vehicles and because I did not want to stand next to each observed idling car for 3 minutes.  My effort was to help take a snapshot of the scope and source of the problem on one event night.
DOT changed parking regulations signs yesterday before the event, making some conditions new.  I walked from Dean at Vanderbilt, to Carlton, to Pacific, to 6th, up and down Atlantic from Fort Greene Place to Carlton, up South Portland to South Elliot to Hanson Place, down Fort Greene Place to Atlantic, up Flatbush to Bergen, east on Dean back to Vanderbilt.  I did take photos in some cases but for the sake of expediency, won't be attaching to this incident report.
Dean between Vanderbilt and Carlton:  private car at hydrant with ticket
North side of Pacific at Carlton: idling car in hydrant
North side of Pacific mid-block: parked limo at hydrant but not idling
North side of Pacific near 6th: parked limo idling in no-standing zone
South side of Atlantic between arena entrance and 6th: 5 limos.  1 idling.  1 at hydrant
South side of Atlantic between 6th and Carlton (new "no parking all day 6PM to midnight" sign, temporary sign from NYPD saying no parking except TLC): 5 limos and a bus.  2 idling including the bus.
North side of Atlantic below residential Atlantic Terrace: 4 limos in bus lane, 1 idling.
East side of South Portland to South Elliot: 1 idling limo
South Elliot and Hanson Place:  none
Atlantic Avenue between Fort Greene Place and 6th Avenue (no standing, plus one new sign saying no standing except TLC):  15 illegally parked cars without drivers (1 of those an NYPD officer with personal contact info in window).  Remaining spaces filled with limos and drivers.  4 of the 10 were idling.
East side of Flatbush from Dean to Bergen: 1 idling limo, bus stop filled, so approximately 5 illegally parked cars
South side of Dean between Flatbush and 6th:  8 limos in "no standing zone" some of it new.  6 are idling.
Dean between 6th and Carlton: 2 idling at 527 and 587 Dean.

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