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Limos observed at Bocelli concert illustrate the scope of illegal parking and idling near Barclays Center

Since the September 28th opening of Barclays Center, complaints about illegally parked and idling limosines on streets in the vicinity of the arena have made up the largest category of incident reports filed with AYW.

Between approximately 8:15 and 9:30 PM on the evening of the December 5th Andrea Bocelli concert, a small AYW team documented the scope of the problem in Fort Greene, Prospect Heights and Park Slope.

We based our research area on the information contained in incident reports on AYW and our knowledge of the area.  In our experience the same illegal locations are used over and over.  The western boundary was 5th Avenue in Park Slope and Fort Greene Place in Fort Greene; the southern boundary was St. Mark's in Park Slope and Dean in Prospect Heights.  The eastern boundary in Prospect Heights was Vanderbilt at Dean, and otherwise Carlton Avenue.  The eastern boundary in Fort Greene was South Portland.  The northern boundary was Hanson Place.

We identified 83 likely violations, 64 for illegal parking and 19 for idling.  One parking ticket was found on a private car parked near a hydrant on Dean Street. The details of the conditions observed are below.

Prospect Heights and Fort Greene:

  • Dean between Vanderbilt and Carlton:  private car at hydrant with ticket
  • North side of Pacific at Carlton: idling car in hydrant
  • North side of Pacific mid-block: parked limo at hydrant but not idling
  • North side of Pacific near 6th: parked limo idling in no-standing zone
  • South side of Atlantic between arena entrance and 6th: 5 limos.  1 idling.  1 at hydrant
  • South side of Atlantic between 6th and Carlton (new "no parking all day 6PM to midnight" sign, temporary sign from NYPD saying no parking except TLC): 5 limos and a bus.  2 idling including the bus.
  • North side of Atlantic below residential Atlantic Terrace: 4 limos in bus lane, 1 idling.
  • East side of South Portland to South Elliot: 1 idling limo South Elliot, and Hanson Place:  none
  • Atlantic Avenue between Fort Greene Place and 6th Avenue (no standing, plus one new sign saying no standing except TLC):  15 illegally parked cars without drivers (1 of those an NYPD officer with personal contact info in window).  Remaining spaces filled with limos and drivers.  4 of the 10 were idling.
  • East side of Flatbush from Dean to Bergen: 1 idling limo, bus stop filled, so approximately 5 illegally parked cars
  • South side of Dean between Flatbush and 6th:  8 limos in "no standing zone" some of it new.  6 are idling.
  • Dean between 6th and Carlton: 2 idling at 527 and 587 Dean.

North Slope:

  • Bus Stop at 75 5th Avenue: idling white stretch limo
  • Hydrant at 73 5th Avenue: idling limo
  • No Parking Zone at 68 5th Avenue: 3 cars parked (one at hydrant)
  • Hydrant at 53 5th Avenue: Limo parked
  • Crosswalk at corner of 5th Avenue and Bergen: idling SUV
  • Bus stop at 427 Bergen:  Mercedez Benz parked
  • No Standing zone at 446C Dean (at 5th): idling limo
  • Hydrant at 194 Flatbush:  Idling limo
  • No Standing zone at 227 Flatbush: 2 parked cars
  • Bus Stop at 237 Flatbush: 1 idling stretch limo, 1 parked black car
  • No Standing zone at 478 Bergen (at Flatbush): 2 parked limos
  • No Parking zone at 472-4 Bergen: 3 parked cars
  • Traffic lane at Bergen Tile/Dean:  Double parked, idling limos
  • No Standing and No Parking zone at 76 6th Ave (Woodland Rest.) 2 parked cars
  • Hydrant at 65 St. Mark’s Avenue: 1 parked white BMW.


Responding with enforcement, but also concessions

Starting on Saturday, December 8th DOT and NYPD designated a staging area on the south side of Atlantic Avenue for the sole use of private vehicles licensed by the Taxi and Limosine Commission.  The area was formerly available to the public for on-street parking.  At this time there is some confusion about the free staging area's location:  DOT states the staging area is from 6th Avenue to Carlton Avenue; TLC has told its drivers the staging area on Atlantic Avenue extends from 6th to Vanderbilt. The decision to allow limos to provide a free staging area for limos was criticized by community members at the December 6th Atlantic Yards Quality of Life Committee meeting.

The creation of the staging area is to be combined with enforcement, however incident reports about illegal idling, blocked hydrants and honking continued to be filed on this website on the first night the adjustments were implemented.


Area planned for drop-off and pick-ups is blocked

At the same time, loss of space planned for drop-off of taxi and limosine passengers is adding to the congestion near the arena. To the left is a photo of a line of limos parked along a travel lane on Atlantic Avenue between Fort Greene Place and South Portland.   At the time this photo was taken on December 5th, 15 private cars were parked illegally curbside in the area posted as "No Standing Except Licensed TLC Vehicles." This area was described as being for patron drop-off and pick-up during the arena operations presentation this summer.

On the arena block FCRC is apparently in the process of eliminating the lay-by lane on Dean Street and has pushed back the implementation of a second lay-by lane on 6th Avenue from at least one year to as much as twelve years.  The Atlantic Avenue lay-by lane on the arena block is only lightly used.




Some strict parking rules

Some strict parking rules should be introduced to reduce these illegal parking.
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