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Thanks Wrestlemania! 5 truck violations at arena in 15 observed minutes today

620 Atlantic at Dean Street loading dock, 6th Avenue, Dean Street
December 13, 2012 - 11:30am

On my way to shopping on Flatbush I spent 15 minutes documenting problems with trucks at the arena this morning.  In that time-frame I observed at least 5 violations of NYC and Atlantic Yards truck/traffic rules and regulations.  This does not include the staging of probable performance-related trucks on Pacific Street this morning which appears to be another violation since it is now pretty clear they were performance related.  
I did not call 311.  There were 4 Barclays Center staff members standing outside the loading dock at the time these problems were occurring.   
1).  Truck leaves loading dock and goes down residential Dean Street passed playground.  (photo attached)
2).  Truck stands on 6th Avenue between Dean and Pacific in no-standing zone for a long period.  It was there when I got there and there when I left.  It was idling when I arrived.  Turned off engine soon afterward.  Then turned it back on.  (photo attached).
3).  Workers load crane onto truck on 6th Avenue, closing a lane of traffic while they did so. (photo attached)
4).  Truck idles on the pad  (video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNhWTD0AN7M)
5).  Performance related trucks are on the pad instead of the Navy Yard where they belong.  (photo attached)

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