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Wow - DOT is part of the problem

70 5th Avenue
December 21, 2012 - 7:45pm

There's a black Nissan Murano lic# GCK-3496 parked in the no-parking zone in front of 70 5th Ave (corner St. Marks). Car has a "DOT Agency Business Parking Permit" displaying on the dashboard. Is parked right in front of an illegally parked Subaru that was already there. Neither vehicle has a ticket. Even if this vehicle is there "on business" (which I doubt; I've witnessed couples parking there and displaying NYPD/NYFD credentials on the dash before heading to Barclays Center) for traffic enforcement rather than parking enforcement, it is contributing to the traffic and noise problems in the neighborhood. When traffic is heavy, as it is before and after all Barclays Center events, cars travelling south on 5th Ave cannot pass cars waiting to turn left onto St. Marks Ave if there are cars parked in the no parking zone at 68-70 5th Ave. This results in gridlock (I presume that is the reason it's a no-parking zone). End result of all of this = hours of endless horn honking.

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