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Live cameras

Arena block from east

Block 1120/6th Avenue from north

9:30 PM report Tues 2/5

Around 5th Ave - St Mark's to Flatbush
February 5, 2013 - 9:30pm

This is a multiple incident report, fueled in part by a 45 minute drive around looking for a parking spot (forgot it was the Lakers game). Would have been easier if I could have parked illegally, Thought is not lost on me that a limo might allow me to park for a few hours without worry.... Instead of thinking ill thoughts about FCR, decided to do a ten minute survey within a 3 block area instead of cooking dinner for my family.

70 5th Ave: 2 cars parked in no parking zone , 1 limousine 1 sedan
429 Bergen: 2 cars parked in bus stop.
41 5th Avenue: Mercedes idling in bus stop
39 5 Avenue: limousine license T 619 O 37 C parked at hydrant
446C Dean: 2 cars parked in no standing zone
5th Ave between Dean and Flatbush: An astonishing 3 cars parked in the traffic lane marked no standing anytime. Requested that TEA on corner, 5 feet away, kindly ask them to move. He said, "Oh, they're just waiting to pick up people at the arena." Clearly no message received by this guy, but was one given? He did ask and they did move.

3 traffic agents on corner of Flatbush and Dean opposite from stretch limo at hydrant parked and idling at hydrant T 201196 C .
230 Flatbush: limo license t6 03680 C parked and idling at hydrant in the bus stop
2 cars parked in bus stop at Flatbush (North side) and Bergen

76 6th Avenue: 2 cars parked in No Parking zone by Woodland Restaurant
65 St. Mark's Avenue: 2 cars parked near hydrant at top of Saint Marks Avenue
65 St. Mark's Avenue: limo idling in front of garage License T 497847 C

Ten minute walk -- 20 illegal parking issues.

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