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8:15 Marc Anthony night report

5th Avenue between St. Mark's and Dean, circuit
February 16, 2013 - 8:15pm

A quick 10 minute walk around my blocks netted these violations:

70 5th Avenue : 2 sedans parked in no parking zone 1 silver 1 white
53 Fifth Avenue: car parked at hydrant
429 Bergen Street: white stretch limo parked in bus stop also gray sedan white stretch limo is from First Class Services Incorporated license
0L4202G New Jersey
446 C Dean: 2 cars parked in no standing zone black BMW and Honda gray accord
194 Flatbush: red Toyota 4runner parked at hydrant
463 Bergen: silver Mercedes parked in the bus stop
76 6th Avenue (Woodland Restauant) : 2 sedans parked in No Parking Zone
65 St. Mark's Ave: Chevy Blazer parked at hydrant
65 St. Mark's Ave: Llimo with Calif. license parked in front of garages - posted No Parking.

The nature of the threat posed by the incident or impact.
Extended community
Public health

10:00 (partial) update to Steve's 8:15 report

Priority: -> normal
State: -> Active
Client: -> Public
Assigned: unassigned -> Peter K.

So......NYPD has ticketed a car at the hydrant at 66 5th Ave, but inexplicably ignored everything else mentioned in this report along 5th avenue, specifically:

68-70 5th Ave: 2 illegally parked cars
65 St. Marks Ave: Chevy Blazer at hydrant (maybe the NYPD placard helped?)
53 5th Ave: Car parked at hydrant

Oh, and there are several black cars idling at hydrants and bus stops along 5th ave.