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Barclays implements a new security procedure?

s-side of Atlantic Ave
February 18, 2013 - 10:55am

Barclays implements a new security procedure?
Walking west-bound on s-side of Atlantic I noticed a photographer in front of me taking pictures on the public sidewalk of an empty sidewalk/street shot facing west on s-side of Atlantic & not wanting to ‘photo bomb’ (not knowing if they were professional taking pictures for Barclays, press or amateur) their shot I stopped to wait until they were finished; then I observed the photographer being confronted by Barclays security personal stationed @ the VIP entrance; while the photographer was taking pictures of the street scape the security person from Barclays demanded that he tell them his name & why he was taking pictures on ‘private property’ (the photographer was never on the ‘rust bricks’ only on the sidewaklk cement); the photographer said, “I’m just an amateur out for a walk & taking a few pictures.” But the security person insisted that that didn’t make a difference & the photographer still had to tell them their name, and then when the security person noticed me they demanded that I also give them my name & information, I said, “I’m on a public sidewalk & it’s not compulsory to give you my details.”

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This might be exceptional but should there be any more incidents like it, it would mean that there is a serious problem here. I'd be very curious to know why the security person thought there was some prohibition against photos.