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Fake "cop" car parked at hydrant

37 St. Mark's Avenue at hydrant
March 1, 2013 - 9:24pm

This offender is not only still there at 9:20PM, but a neighbor confirmed it was there at 7PM.

It is not ticketed.

FYI, it is not possible to follow up on any 311 reports online tonight.

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State: -> New
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Apologies if this is a duplicate....unsure if first one went through. At about 9:45pm (??)passing cops were flagged down and upon request, issued a ticket.

at 9:55Pm, 3 hrs after he parked there, the driver returned, and as it happens, I was walking home then. Turns out he is, I think, related to the owners of Woodland. When asked politely why he parked there for 3 hrs, he said unhesitatingly, "because there's no parking during games!" When asked about the reflective police vest on his dash, he said happily that the police at the 78th precinct had given it to him, and something that due to his Russian accent I could not understand that it was because of all the something he gave them--suggesting food, or greetings, or something simple. I do not know what he meant.

Normally one is towed if one parks at a hydrant for such a long time.


Fake cop

State: New -> Active

So your not sure what he said, but you are making an allegation. That's seems reasonable.


fake "cop" car parked at hydrant

I could only be sure that he said that they gave it to him for some reason, which he said with a gentle smile. He named the reason with one word that I could not understand, but considering the context, it sounded quite minor and informal, casual. I'm not inferring anything more than a casual, friendly (and aboveboard) exchange.