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Illegal construction worker parking

Intersection of Pacific Street and Atlantic Avenue
April 15, 2011 - 12:00pm

As many as 25 construction worker cars were parked on Pacific Street between Carlton and 6th Avenue. I also reported additional Illegal parking of construction workers, police and others on 6th from Dean to Atlantic. This problem has occurred daily for months. The construction workers today were parking on the sidewalk and triple parked, entirely blocking the marked part of Pacific Street. Passage was possible only for traffic on an area of the street marked for no driving. After I filed the 311 I received a follow up phone call from an officer from the 77th Precinct. He stated that since these were Atlantic Yards construction workers and it involves FCRC, any arena related action he took had to be run through the Borough. I asked why given the law was clearly being broken. He also stated that the area of Pacific Street was closed because of the project. After some discussion he conceded I was correct that it was not. Then he argued the area of Pacific Street I was reporting was not part of the precinct and that he had worked at the precinct for decades. I disagreed and he eventually conceded he was incorrect. He offered to send a car but said the closest he could get was Pacific Street and Underhill. Pacific and Underhill is three Avenue blocks from Pacific and 6th where the problem exists. Several minutes later a voice mail was left on my cell from another officer at the 77th asking me to call back for confirmation about the location I was reporting. I called back and left a message on his voice mail. He did not reply. I should note that some construction workers told me today they will no longer be allowed to park in the area as of Monday the 18th. If so, this would be after roughly six months of complaints.

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Illegal Construction Worker Parking

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The Amended Environmental Commitments Memo is quite specific.  It states:  

"FCRC shall provide on-site parking for construction workers at levels appropriate in light of the number of workers employed at the site during different stages of construction, to a maximum of 800 spaces."  It also states:  "Parking fees at rates comparable to commercial off-street facilities in the surrounding area shall be imposed for these spaces."

Regardless of these commitments, the ESDC and the police appear to tolerate the illegal parking.  They have received multiple complaints from the community through various channels for many months about the problem.  

FCRC is providing parking inside the footprint, so it is difficult to understand why they have not told their construction workers to stop parking illegally.  It is also unclear whether those workers parking on the site are charged as the Environmental Commitments Memo promises.  Illegal parking on sidewalks and in no-standing zones is like free parking provided on site;  it is an unanticipated and inappropriate incentive provided to construction workers to drive to the site.

On speaking to a number of the construction workers taking advantage of the illegal parking, they stated they drove from Long Island. Community input based on expert advice during the environmental review period of the DEIS suggested FCRC provide tool lockers on site and incentives for construction workers to take transit.  

At the time of the original environmental analysis FCRC did not anticipate delaying demolition of 752 Pacific Street in block 1129 in order to use it for construction offices.   Even with the offices, a great deal of 752 is now empty, enabling FCRC to provide lockers to the construction workers if they choose.  This would make it easier for construction workers to avoid driving to the site, therefore lessening the adverse impacts on the immediate community.