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More problems (including idling) on loading dock, pad, bus stop, and no standing zones

Dean Street bwtn 6th and Flatbush, 6th Avenue, Pacific Street
March 19, 2013 - 1:30pm

Below is a recap of Tuesday the 19th's problems on Dean Street, 6th and Pacific.  The report is based on two visits, one at 1:30 PM and one at 8:45 PM.  Most of the problems were related to the circus, but construction related to the work on 6th Avenue and at B2 is contributing.
On public streets the problems included idling and/or standing in a bus stop, travel lane, turning lane and no standing zones.  In addition Barclays Center has simply chosen to extend its below grade operations out onto the at-grade area on Dean Street outside the loading dock, in the pad, on the public sidewalk and in the street.  Apparently there is not enough space below grade.  They include the use of forklifts, a tent housing horses stables, and at least one trailer apparently functioning as overnight living quarters.  There is frequent beeping from trucks backing up.  
1. Fire engine backing into Barclays, armored vehicle in bus stop, Ringling Bros. truck in no standing lane idles outside residence, fork lifts move material around, horses stable is visible in pad:  
2. B2 construction (truck enters off of Atlantic), armored vehicle in bus stop idling, container being loaded while truck extends into travel lane and bike lane, fork lifts deliver hay for animals, truck beeps backing up, Feld entertainment truck in bus stop, Natuzzi ice truck and laundry truck (laundry delivered from here), parked in no standing zone on 6th, container truck moved to 6th Avenue from loading area: 
( a few additional notes:  the Natuzzi ice truck was moved to Pacific between Vanderbilt and 6th where it spent the night, at the end of the video briefly visible is the front of one of two flat bed trucks sitting in the no standing zone on Pacific Street at 6th-- waiting for either B2 construction or 6th Avenue construction-- I think the former).
3. Flat bed (from Pacific?) backs into B2 construction, school bus for circus staff idles in turning lane (I think they call this the circus train), trucks unload on pad, more fork lift action, plenty of beeping of trucks reversing:
4. Feld entertainment truck idles in bus stop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWmxVqBcGcM
5. 8:45 PM and still plenty of action:  Ringling Bros. truck arrives with flashing lights.  It keeps engine running but does execute everything in around 3 minutes.  Tractor brings out Ringling Bros. container from loading dock.  Driver of tractor and driver of truck confer in the travel lane stopping traffic, truck let's go of its load and takes empty one.  Tractor takes truck's cargo.  
6.  Apparent living quarters and trailer.  Both are parked on perimeter of project and appear to have either generators or compressors running:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9b8iSrPMnU
Note:  some additional photos will be added tonight to this report.

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Four photos have been added:
1. RV extending from pad 
2. Late night activity in dock and pad
3. More late night activity
4. Performers waiting for circus train