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Illegal parking on 5th Ave, etc.

Fitfh Avene, Dean Steet, Flatbush usual spots
April 15, 2013 - 9:15pm

Nets game tonight -- illegal parkers in all the usual spots:

70 Fifth Avenue: two cars parked in no parking zones
39 Fifth Avenue: car parked at hydrant BMW black license LCH 7 idling
446C Dean Street: two cars parked in a no standing zone white BMW license FST 2795 and Cadillac Escalade light grey license BKLYN6

Noted NYPD traffic van parked on corner of Dean in Flatbush and officer on patrol at intersection

bus stop at 231 Flatbush Avenue: 2 black limousines parked in bus stop , one with driver

76 Sixth Avenue/Woodland Restaurant: car parked in no parking zone Toyota license FYC 7564

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