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Illegal parking and idling at all the usual spots on 5th Avenue etc. 15 cars tonight in one 15 minute period

5th Avenue between St. Mark's and Dean
April 20, 2013 - 10:00pm

9PM -
446 C Dean Street two cars parked in a no standing zone white Range Rover license RMC 16 that letter and uh Gratiot Ave license DJN 2199
BOth were ticketed by 10PM, thank you.

10 p.m.
39 Fifth Avenue: limo parking bus stop Lic. T 4939 50 C and Ford Expedition black SUV limo at hydrant TLC license BL705
both idling

Fifth Avenue between Dean and Flatbush at former triangle sports building: two cars parked in a no standing anytime zone at hydrant blocking traffic in one lane. Both black limos. Asked the police officer in area to ask them to move, which he did, with some discussion.

450 Dean Street: car parked in no standing zone/ crosswalk New York GAV 7735
494 Flatbush : Toyota at hydrant license FFD 7497
bus stop at 231 Flatbush: Four cars idling with drivers in bus stop. Asked TEA to ask them to move, which he agreed to do (don't know if he did) but he said that they always come back.

10:15 p.m.
70 Fifth Avenue: two cars parked in no parking zone
53 FIfth Avenue: black limo SUV Cadillac Escalade Florida license plate L51HV at hydrant

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