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Illegal parking and idling violations continue; some enforcement evident

Various locations to the east and north near the arena
April 20, 2013 - 9:30pm

Here is a survey of illegal parking and idling April 20th between 9:15 and 10:15 PM during the Nets/Bulls play-off game.  The geographic location included areas with regular illegal parking to the north and east of Barclays Center.  The idling reported below wasn't timed, but in all cases the drivers looked settled in, (i.e.:  sleeping or reading).
I did not call 311 for any of the violations below.
Dean Street between Carlton and Vanderbilt

  • 2 cars north side across from 632 Dean: standing, (but turned off), car at hydrant with driver (legal); Parked idling car at hydrant (illegal)
  • 2 cars north side across from 592 Dean: parked at hydrant with drivers but without idling (legal)

Dean Street between Carlton and 6th Avenue  

  • At 527 Dean: parked car in hydrant without driver (lllegal)
  • Temple of Restoration Church Zone:  one parked Mercedes (llegal); one VAS SUV with "ambulance service" placard.  Spoke to driver who was leaving car.  Acknowledged he was there for the arena.  Offered to leave "if you want to be a baby about it." (illegal)
  • 499 Dean: Idling car @ hydrant (illegal)

Pacific Street between 6th and Carlton Avenue 

  • No Standing Zone on southeast side of Pacific Street/6th Avenue intersection: car with "NYC PBA" card, but no placard (illegal); Car with "Federal Law Enforcement" placard (legal? if there on official business) ; 2 Cars with Police Department restricted parking permits (legal if there on official business

6th Avenue between Pacific Street and Atlantic Avenue (west side)

  • 6 police vans (legal) and one private vehicle with "NYC PBA" card (illegal)

Atlantic Avenue from  6th Avenue to Carlton Avenue (official TLC parking zone)
There were no TLC limos parked in the official location at the time of the visit.  An NYPD tow truck was there, but inactive.  The driver explained the assignment was to remove non-TLC vehicles from the zone, not to be ticketed but to be relocated.  Following our discussion the tow truck removed a parked private car.  The other vehicles parked in the area were a private car with a handicapped placard, (allowing them to legally park in no standing zones) and two trucks.  One of the trucks was there without a driver (too heavy to move the tow truck operator explained) and the other truck was idling with driver.
Atlantic Avenue from Carlton to South Oxford

  • Bus stop:  Limo and idling bus from Long Island idling (2X Illegal:  standing in bus stop, idling).  Drivers were out of vehicles and chatting.  They said NYPD told them to park there.  I showed them the official area across the street.  Bus driver offered to move, turned off engine.
  • SUV parked in hydrant (illegal)
  • SUV idling in hydrant (illegal)

Atlantic Avenue from South Portland to Fort Greene Place (northside)
note:  nearly all of area is a No Standing Zone, but not identified as TLC area.

  • 2 X parked private cars with tickets (illegal)
  • Limo with sleeping driver not idling (illegal)
  • 2 X parked private cars without tickets (illegal)
  • 5 X Limos standing with drivers, engine idling (illegal)
  • 1 X private car with driver and ticket  (illegal)
  • 3 X Police Restricted plates (legal if there on official business)
  • 2 X standing in travel lane (illegal)
  • 1 X private vehicle with handicapped placard (legal)
  • 2 X in car without idling (illegal)
  • 3 X Press vehicles 

Fort Greene Place between Atlantic and Hanson Place

  • 19 car service and TLC vehicles on west side of street.  According to dispatcher they are doing pick-ups for either the mall or the arena:  "either here or there."

Hanson Place between South Portland and Fort Greene Place

  • MTA Police Parking Permit (legal if there on official business)
  • 2 X private cars parked without tickets (illegal)
  • 1 X private car parked with ticket (illegal)
  • 1 standing private car with driver, (not TLC) (illegal)

South Portland between South Elliot and Hanson Place

  • 143 South Portland:  2 X private cars parked at hydrant  (illegal)
  • No standing zone:  1 private car and 1 TLC limo.  (illegal)

South Elliot between South Portland and Hanson Place

  • 2 X idling cars in hydrant (illegal)
  • 1 private car double parked (illegal)

Atlantic Avenue southside from Fort Greene Place to 6th Avenue
Note:  this was registered only a few minutes before the game ended.

  • 16 limos, some idling  (idling illegal)
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