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Equipment bus idles on Pad; valet parking for coaches and staff

The Pad next to 620 Atlantic Avenue
April 20, 2013 - 9:28pm

The link below is to a video which explains the use of the Pad for the first Nets/Bulls play-off game.  The staff member was helpful and friendly.  He had apparently not been trained the behavior he was describing (the engine of a bus running for 40 or 50 minutes) is illegal.
The Pad is used regularly regardless of the type of event.    
Here is a written description of our dialogue:
(first one staff member asks another to get out of the way because I want to take a picture)
Me:  "The bus appears to be idling, no?  Is the bus's engine on?"
Staff member: "Yes."
Me:  " It is on?  How come?  Has it been on all evening?"
Staff member:  "No, probably 40 to 50 minutes."
Me:  "40 or 50 minutes?  How come it is on?"
Staff member: "The driver is inside."
Me:  "Oh.  So . . .  who is the bus for?"
Staff member:  (wind sound) "It is for regular.... equipment, right, equipment truck."
Me:  "It is an equipment truck?"
(interruption: another staff member says something will be pulling out in one sec)
Staff member: "It is equipment.  The other one came with the Knicks- uh- Nets- uh players."
Me:  "And they go inside normally, right?"
Staff member:  "Inside.  Right."
Me:  "And who are all the other cars here?"
Staff member:  "Us.  Valet parking.  Coaches.  Supervisors.  Stuff like that."
Me:  "So it is valet parking."
Staff member:  Yes."

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