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Some changes in limo behavior emerge but illegal parking and idling violations continue

A new survey of illegal parking and idling in the vicinity of Barclays Center during the first Nets/Bulls play-off game uncovered some changes to black limo behavior from the last survey.  Overall the survey, which covered a smaller geographic area than the last, demonstrated illegal parking and idling conditions continue.  

The survey is easy to execute by the volunteers because the locations for illegal parking are so predictable.  There were very few unuccuppied hydrants in the area during the survey.

Notably not a single black limo was parked in the official location designated by the Department of Transportation for TLC parking on the south side of Atlantic Avenue from 6th Avenue to Carlton Avenue.  A NYPD tow truck was stationed there to clear it of private cars, but it had little motivation to work.  

The changes to black limo behavior were largely on the north side of Barclays Center.  The lay-by lane on the south side of Atlantic Avenue was full from Fort Greene Place to 6th Avenue a few minutes before the end of the game.  This makes sense because of the VIP exit nearby, and the many exits of the arena lining Atlantic Avenue.  The north side of Atlantic Avenue from Fort Greene Place to South Portland Avenue, formerly filled with city employee cars and private cars, was largely filled with black limos and/or private cars with drivers this time around.  And the dispatcher for the car service stand on Fort Greene Place stated that his cars were for both the mall and the arena.   

The survey produced 64 potential violations, 19 for idling and 45 for illegal parking.  This is a smaller number of violations than the previous study, which had 77 in total, but the geographic area this time around was smaller.  Our totals this time also do not include idling in the Atlantic Avenue lay-by lane adjacent to Barclays Center or in the car service stand on Fort Greene Place.  

We found 5 tickets during the survey and the tow truck in the TLC designated area eventually removed a private car parked illegally there.  When asked, a policeman at 5th Avenue and Dean Street instructed some illegally standing vehicles to move along, and they did.  

The survey took place between 9 and 10:30 PM when the game ended.  To the east of Flatbush Avenue the geographic area was framed on the south by Dean Street (to Vanderbilt Avenue) in Prospect Heights, and to the north by Hanson Place (to South Portland) in Fort Greene.  To the west of Flatbush the area surveyed was a triangle framed by St. Marks and 5th Avenues, (but did not include Pacific Street between 5th and Flatbush) in Park Slope.

The vehicles we cite as idling were not timed by us in order to expedite the survey.  In NYC vehicles cannot idle for longer than 3 minutes.  311 was not called for most of the violations we identified.

The survey results west of Flatbush Avenue can be found here.  The survey results east of Flatbush Avenue can be found here.