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Questions for the Barclays Center Transportation Demand Management forum

On Thursday, June 13, the Empire State Development Corporation will host a presentation by Forest City Ratner Companies and Sam Schwartz Engineering entitled, "Effectiveness of the Barclays Center Transportation Demand Management Plan." The meeting will be held at The Brooklyn Hospital Center's Third Floor Auditorium, located at 121 Dekalb Avenue, from 6:00PM to 8:00PM. Representatives from FCRC and SSE will answer questions from the audience. Here are some open issues we hope to hear discussed.



Did the TDM follow up study use dated Highway Capacity Manual, 2000 guidelines instead of the improved guidelines in the Highway Capacity Manual, 2010 to assess levels of service (LOS)? 

Are there intersections with significant impacts?  If so, which ones and what steps are proposed to mitigate the problem?

Has FCRC studied the differences in the mode shares (i.e., transit, pedestrian, private car) of the various days, times and types of events?

What is the level of Traffic Enforcement Agents (TEAs) FCRC and Barclays Center have committed to finance in the future?  What is the length and term of the contract?

Is there a plan for a follow up TDM study after Islanders move to Barclays Center?



Are there areas where problems were identified with crosswalks? If so, what specific strategies are being used to address the problems identified?

Have any studies ever looked at the levels of service of the sidewalks of the arena block after events?

Has FCRC and Barclays Center agreed to continue financing pedestrian managers?  If so, at what levels, and what is the length and terms of the contract?



The project’s FEIS states that if there is overcrowding on subway platforms it will be mitigated by an increase in the number of trains.  Instead of producing more trains, it appears the stairs and turnstiles of the transit entrance on the plaza are often reduced in capacity with police tape as a way to slow patrons entering the transit station.  Why this change in the mitigation from what was anticipated in 2006?

Part of LIRR’s east-side access project is to turn the train from Jamaica to Atlantic Terminal into a shuttle.  Arena patrons from further east of Jamaica will have to transfer at Jamaica to a dedicated platform.  This will make travel less convenient.  Has this change been anticipated, and is there a plan to follow up with a study about this change, especially given the addition of Islanders games to arena events?



Where are patrons parking?  What is the breakdown between on-street parking, park and ride lots, private lots and block 1129?  How does the TDM plan incentivize (or not) the use of these spaces?

Will FCRC use its influence with the Governor and the State Legislature to get residential parking permits (RPP) enacted in the area around Barclays Center?

What was the number of black cars that arrived at the events studied? How many stayed for the course of the event, and where did they park?  How many violations were given during the events studied?  How does TDM incentivize (or not) legal parking behavior by limo drivers?

Because of their work schedule, arena employees compete with local residents for on-street parking spaces in the area near the arena.  How many employees worked at the arena on the nights assessed?  What is their modal split?

Are the parking locations and loading zones for the disabled at Barclays Center compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA)?

Where is the arena’s permanent below grade parking lot on the arena block going to be located?

How many parking spaces are planned for block 1129 once building B2 is completed?

Why is the State studying eliminating parking for residents of Atlantic Yards’ second phase buildings, but not its first phase given the residents in the project’s first phase will live much closer to transit?

When will the promised DOT parking survey be released?