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MTV Awards:Aug. 25, 2013 Illegally Parked Limo Gridlock

Carlton Ave./Bergen/4th Ave./
August 25, 2013 - 9:30pm

Illegally parked/idling limos on Carlton Avenue: Prospect Place to Pacific St. Only the narrow Bike Lane was open for vehicles driving north. [At 10:10 p.m. 2 fire engines, sirens blaring got stuck trying to speed north in the Bike Lane.] Herewith license plate numbers:
COMM 203 TLC, COMM 162 TLC, COMM 241 TLC, C)MM 256 TLC, COMM 272 TLC, SUPERVIP [a Suburban], COMM 214 TLC, COMM 280 TLC, COMM 268 TLC ["Commonwealth Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation"], Connecticut 174-ZGE ["Constitution State"], OL6538H NJ, T613375C TLC, CRN-2103, T526554C TLC, NJ OL8729H Limo, NJ OL6577H, COMM 164 TLC, NJ OL1192J Limo, COMM 269 TLC, COMM 233 TLC, COMM 306 TLC, COMM 296 TLC, COMM 224 TLC, COMM 216 TLC, T625477C TLC, NJ OL7229H
On 5th Avenue:
T512388C TLC, FORTUNE 9 TLC, NJ OLPL1 Limo, NJ OL3083J Limo, FJF3429, T418441C TLC, T477538C TLC, T635147C TLC, T610705C TLC, T633955C TLC,T618832C TLC,T608428C TLC, NEL 42 TLC, T616835C TLC, T451987C TLC, 7H57A TLC, T609210C TLC,GSLIMO4 Nassau Co. TLC, COMM 281 TLC, T430138C TLC [s-t-r-e-t-c-h],MASS 115NRI, T493966C TLC, NJ OLMUSICU Limo, NJ OL3371J Limo, T512388C TLC
On 4th Avenue:
KYLAKERS, NJ OL1843J Limo, T494023C TLC, T612100C TLC, T6375-- TLC

I walked around from about 9:30 p.m. til 11:45 p.m. By midnight trash littered the streets & sidewalks radiating out from the Barclays Center. At 1:40 a.m. Monday, 26 August, a Sanitation Dept. Street Sweeping Machine tore up St. Marks Avenue rearranging the trash. I have never before seen/heard a street sweeping machine here in the middle of the night.
Patti Hagan