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Mostly young gawkers at intersections spill out onto Carlton Avenue, Bergen Street, and Flatbush at VMAs

Carlton at Dean; Bergen at 6th; Flatbush at Dean
August 25, 2013 - 5:30pm

Young gawkers gathered in the intersections around the red carpet trying to get a view.  As I circled the perimeter before the event they were spilled onto Carlton Avenue, Bergen Street and Flatbush Avenue.  In some cases (Carlton Avenue) they were there all day.  Carlton Avenue at Dean was also the entrance for the thousands (?) of cast members.
On the west side of Carlton Avenue at Dean Street young girls gathered at the intersection hoping to get a view of Austin Mahone.  No one nearby could be in any doubt who they were waiting for based on their occasional chants and screams.  The trailers for some of the talent were placed close enough to the intersection to be visible.  Carlton Avenue at Dean was also the entrance for the thousands (?) of cast members.  Residents nearby on both Dean and Carlton complained about the crowds, the screams, the garbage, and even a crushed garden in the vicinity.  Here is a video of the cast arriving:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/tracy_collins/9597797722/in/set-72157635232563025
On the south side of Bergen at 6th Avenue they pressed against the gates blocking entry.  (See attached photo)
On the east side of Flatbush at Dean a crowd large enough to block the sidewalk and force people to pass in the travel lane collected hoping to catch a view of the celebrities.  (See attached photo)

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