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Construction work/deliveries with back-up alarms from trucks

Early morning construction work/deliveries
March 28, 2014 - 5:15am

Whether from deliveries, or from construction work itself, the back-up alarm for construction vehicles are getting triggered early in the morning on block 1129 and Pacific Street between Carlton and Vanderbilt.  The back-up alarm cuts right through good quality double paned windows.
There is no notice in the construction alerts of work occurring outside of normal construction hours in this location.  A recent supplemental construction alert gives notice of after hours work at Atlantic and 6th.  
A video can be found here shot through a closed window:
The Memorandum of Environmental Commitments states FCRC will comply with the following measures in the construction of the Project:

  • Scheduling work that would generate high noise levels during weekday daytime hours to extent feasible, rather than during weekday nighttime or weekend hours, unless required as a result of safety or other agency requirements;
  • To the extent feasible, scheduling equipment and material deliveries during weekday daytime hours, rather than during weekday nighttime or weekend hours;