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Cable leading to Barclays lot lies on sidewalk

Dean Street near Vanderbilt
April 5, 2014 - 11:30am
via 311 to con ed

A cable has fallen in the way of pedestrians on Dean Street near Vanderbilt Avenue.  I called 311 about an hour ago. They put me through to Con Ed who put it on emergency status and promised a response within about an hour.    
The cable does not appear live, but i can't be certain.  The cable extends from the buildings on the south side of the street, up to the top of light posts, and across the street to a light post on the north side of the street.  Originally it kept going to the construction site.
I believe the cable was originally installed by Con Ed to provide electric power to the construction site on block 1129 before it was turned into the Barclays Center parking lot.  The cable was not removed following the construction of the parking lot.  
Photo attached

cable.JPG793.16 KB


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The cable has been lifted, but not far enough to be properly corrected.  It remains an attractive nuisance.  On second look it appears a stainless steel pole has been put in the parking lot to receive the cable, so the cable is probably serving some function and may not be dead after all.  The cable is definitely installed in an unsafe, unattractive adhoc way.