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Parking enforcement stepped up nicely

SE quadrant around arena
April 5, 2014 - 9:55pm

It is not quite snowing orange (yet) but there was a noticable quantity of ticketed vehicles tonight for the Miley Cyrus concert. Some officers from a parked patrol car at Fifth and Dean ("63rd Pct") went on foot to tell idling drivers to move from bus stops and No Standing zones; officers from the 78th contributed the bulk of the summonses earlier this evening.  Most noticible since 9PM are the TEAs in the "Traffic Enforcement" car that was focussed on the area.  Good job to all!
Although the concert did not attract tons of limos, in a ten minute period from 9:39 to 9:49 I found six illegally parked  or standing cars and was able to bring it the patrolling TEA officers' attention, with summonses issued where appropriate.  That is SIX in ten minutes, in about a 2 block area (Dean/Flatbush/Bergen), and much of that time was taken up with the actual communication. So the TEAs have their work cut out for them, but the possibility of very productive time as well.  (These will not be reported formally on AYW or 311).
Thanks to the NYPD for stepping up the enforcement.  Much appreciated.

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