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Undisclosed after hours work and trespassing?

752 Pacific/Pacific Street between Carlton Avenue and Vanderbilt
September 11, 2014 - 6:48pm

Construction workers continued to work after hours outside of 752 Pacific Street. As the video links show, the workers went in and out of 752 Pacific. They were doing multiple things including moving and loading large equipment (including backing it up), throwing metal into a dump truck, and patching asphalt over two spots in front of the building.

They could be associated with the work in 752, or they could be associated with the drilling on the block. Which?

One construction worker also rolled under the locked entry to the rail yard to access something on the north side of the fence. Video does not capture that, but does capture him squeezing back through to join his compatriots on the other side. Since the area the worker was passing into is still owned by the MTA, if the worker did not have permission, I may have captured the worker trespassing on public property that is clearly fenced in for safety's sake.

I didn't wait around to see the workers leave. My documentation is timed from around 6:40 to 6:50.

Large equipment is moved onto truck while other workers load metal into a dump truck:

Workers go in and out of building:

Worker emerges from LIRR property through fence:

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