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Dust from Weinstein demolition

752 Pacific/Pacific Street between Carlton Avenue and Vanderbilt
October 31, 2014 - 1:00pm

It is probably hard to demolish a building without causing dust, and the Weinstein building at 752 Pacific Street is a case in point.  The dust is blowing through the building in the direction of Dean Street and Carlton Avenue.  It is visible blowing across the whole lot to the street.  I am not sure how much is captured by the video I am posting because dust is hard to capture by video, especially if viewed on youtube.  You should be able to see the dust blowing out of the upper windows on the Dean and Carlton side of the building and blowing toward the street.  
There is a small hose, but it isn't any much for the volume of the dust.  
I located the air monitors.  One was near opaque construction fencing north of Pacific Street at Carlton Avenue.  The other was near opaque construction fencing between Pacific and Atlantic on Vanderbilt.  Photos are attached.  
The wind is blowing in a way that the dust comes toward Dean and Carlton.  There are no air monitors I can see inside or outside the project footprint on that side of the building, but there does appear to be someone from Russo wearing a vest standing inside the lot at Dean near Carlton.
I looked up the wind direction and the forecast I checked, (weather underground), states the wind direction is variable.  It appeared to be blowing from roughly northeast to southwest while I was videotaping.  You can see the direction the flag is blowing from this Vanderbilt Avenue view:

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Additional documentation from later in the day

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Here is another video from around 2:15:
I didn't scroll through the AYW webcams which take stills every 5 minutes, but did check at the time I filed the previous report and found a pretty good shot of the dust at 13:41:13, as shot from the webcam labeled "Block 1129 from south."