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Sidewalk on both sides of Pacific eliminated due to construction

Pacific Street east of 6th Avenue
December 2, 2014 - 8:45am

The north sidewalk on Pacific Street east of 6th Avenue is still closed while construction work continues on the LIRR rail yard.  The original 2006 plan was for it to have been completed before the arena opened.  It seems to me the reopening is again delayed relative to the schedule promised more recently, but I will have to check.
Today there was also a construction-related closure for pedestrians on the south side of Pacific directly across the street. The closure was related to construction of a non-Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park building.  Pedestrians had to share the travel lane with traffic.  Other than a flagger, the pedestrians were otherwise unprotected.There was plenty of traffic because of the lane closures everywhere nearby.  

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