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Arena uses uplink satellite lot for parking

Satellite Uplink Lot
November 19, 2014 - 8:45pm

The arena has lost what came to be known as "the pad" to construction staging.  In addition to the NBA required bus, it used to use the pad for parking for coaches, arena executives and VIPS.  Is it now going to use the Satellite Uplink Lot for parking on a regular basis?  For the event on November 22nd at least, the Satellite Uplink Lot was squeezed in bumper to bumper with parking.    I guess there is no TDM for executives?
As much of a space crunch as there is in the area, it is still jarring to see the lot used for miscellaneous uses since there was originally a well kept building in the location that was sold under the threat of eminent domain.   The homes visible in the background are now in a similar situation.  They are well kept.  Are they going to be razed now to create additional parking and construction staging until building 15 construction? 
Much of the current space crunch is due to changes to the project to help the developer.  At this time in the construction of the project a 350 space parking garage was originally planned to be open below grade under B2.  In addition, the completion of the permanent LIRR rail yard was also deferred to a period after the arena opened, the plan for a green roof on the arena was restored (although -- once again -- with the arena operating), and the construction sequence of the project was changed to do the easiest part first.
Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dF4iT9c1r-U&list=UU80z_6IGgNNMwtGZRmf02lQ