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Large construction staging area squeezes both traffic and business operation/construction on Dean Street

Dean Street between Carlton and Vanderbilt
December 5, 2014 - 10:00am

When I asked at the last Quality of Life meeting if anyone in FCRC or DOT had reached out to the businesses on Dean Street between Carlton and Vanderbilt about the MPT plans anticipated to be put in place the next day, there wasn't a direct answer.  A number of businesses have curb cuts and need to pull in and out of their facilities.  One business has a fleet of trucks and needs to load and unload them.  Most businesses depend to some degree on parking.  Can the MPT be modified if problems are identified?
There is construction taking place at 636 Dean Street, across the street from the project.  636 Dean Street is mid-block, and not across from the 535 Carlton or 550 Vanderbilt.  Today the contractors needed to load in materials.  How are they supposed to do it if the former parking lane is now the travel lane?  Here is a link to the method they came up with:
Because they were using a crane to lift the materials over the sidewalk, the sidewalk was functionally closed.  Since the northern sidewalk was also closed, starting at 1:06 in the video you can see a couple of different pedestrians walking in the travel lane while it is active with traffic.
The truck with the crane had to situate itself with one wheel up on the sidewalk.  Even so, it was a tight fit for buses and trucks, significantly slowing traffic.  As a result the crane caused a bottle neck in a context in which traffic is already very heavy because of construction closures.  Two public buses and a school bus were among the vehicles stuck in the jam.
Because there is nowhere to park on the block, the businesses have taken to parking on the sidewalk.  I know this is illegal, but what other choice have they been left with?  Photo attached.

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