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Two plus minute delay added to fire truck response time

Dean Street between 6th Avenue and Vanderbilt Avenue
December 8, 2014 - 3:30pm

Fire trucks exiting the fires station on Dean Street do not have any routes to emergencies using the legal direction of traffic which are not impeded by construction closures.  Even some of the routes against traffic are now impeded.  In fact, four of five routes out of the fire station are now impeded by construction.
Carlton Avenue used to be one of the most regular routes, but I haven't seen a fire truck use it since the construction fences were put it place.  Is Carlton Avenue now too narrow for the fire truck to pass through easily?  I saw a school bus which is similarly tall pass through and its roof almost hit a leaning tree.
Compounding the problem, traffic has become really bad on Dean Street at certain times of the day.  As a result it is common for the street to be blocked from Vanderbilt all the way to the fire house near 6th Avenue.
Last week traffic got even worse with the closure of Sixth Avenue between Bergen and Dean Streets.  With the closure of that block, all routes out of the fire station were impeded in one way or another.
The video that follows was started a little late because I had to put down the Christmas tree I was carrying and pull out my phone to take the video.  But even with my delay starting, the fire truck is still documented stuck in traffic on Dean Street for more than 2 minutes.  The cars on Dean between Vanderbilt and Carlton pull up on the sidewalk to make room for the fire truck.  Not all of the cars were in a position to do that, though.

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