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Vanderbilt narrowed too much; no signs on crosswalk for pedestrians

Vanderbilt Avenue from Dean Street to Pacific Street
December 14, 2014 - 3:53pm

The 311 complaint was forwarded to me by a resident of Fort Greene concerned about the unsafe condition they noted on Vanderbilt.
When filing the 311 complaint the filer described the condition as dangerous.  The filer wrote to me that "My concern was the dangerous condition they've created on Vanderbilt, usurping walkway and one lane of traffic, leaving only the bike path flanked by the big wall.  There's no room for bikes, no room for pedestrians and there were no signs last week.  Maybe they've put some up since."
The reference to no signs is no signs telling pedestrians the sidewalk is closed and not to use the crosswalk. 
I checked the status of the 311 complaint.  It was resolved because the DOT inspector went and found the condition to be installed as permitted.  As of tonight, there are still no signs stating the sidewalk is closed and not to use the crosswalk.

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