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White stripes on the pavement are for cars?

6th Avenue and Atlantic Avenue
January 23, 2015 - 2:21pm

Yesterday, after I posted some photos in "Pedestrian crosswalk unsafe for at least 4 months", I took photos from the ground too and was surprised with the police officers there, looking like it was a reaction to the photos an hour earlier. That was the first time ever I saw police directing traffic there outside of event hours. That is a good thing. But there are always unattended times. The point of the post was what new photos here show even more clearly: a new crosswalk needs to be painted where pedestrians can cross, among other measures of course, because as it stands now, and as the traffic is redirected to a narrow passage on 6th avenue to south portland, the cars literally ride on the crosswalk. The firs five photos are from the ground, with officers. Since then There is a new barrier now with four cones. Great. But it is outside the crosswalk. Now see all the other photos. They speak for themselves. People Are still confused. I don't know where I am supposed to cross, or to wait, if I can't make all the way in the time the light changes. Pedestrians are on their own here and at risk all the time, because they will naturally cross where the stripes are painted, and in this section is literally impossible to do that. 100% of Vehicles are going through those stripes at every change of traffic light, and even more dangerously, when the construction workers are gone for the day. And the megaphones of police officers at 11pm when events are over do not help the confusion. In fact, ot wakes people up in my building. I should add that from my window, I have witnessed several children over 12 going to school on their own, and distractedly crossing where they SHOULD be able to cross safely, or pedestrians with earbuds, elderly, and so on. Some clearly look confused on whether they will be safe in the intersection or not. And I have witnessed a lot more that I don't have time to be documenting. Today, I saw people running to not be hit. I did not do video, but the photo sequence can show that. Do I need to tell the DOT that they need to remove the metal barrier in the middle of Atlantic Avenue to paint a decent and safe crosswalk, or is it their job to redesign this intersection in a way that respects the pedestrians, cars and bikers? Or whose job it is? Do ESD , NYC , DOT truly care about who is affected, or are they just doing what is "required" to be published? And who is holding Forest City Ratner accountable for this? Thank you for your attention.

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