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3rd incident this week of truck getting stuck on Carlton Avenue after hitting tree

Carlton Avenue between Dean and Pacific Streets
January 23, 2015 - 8:15pm

For the 3rd time this week a truck got stuck under the tree on Carlton Avenue.  This morning the truck wasn't just too tall, it was also too wide.  According to the resident who forwarded me the information, the truck hit the tree because of its height, and the green wall because of its width.  There are fresh scratches on the green wall across from the tree.


Obviously, the risk is to the tree, the owner of the truck and the drivers, because some trucks barrel down Carlton as they do Dean.  When the trucks get stuck, they block traffic.  Assuming the fence is built as approved, I think DOT has approved an unsafe and non-functioning condition.


DOT should make sure Carlton Avenue is well posted with "no truck" signs and the sign on Dean Street at 6th Avenue should finally get fixed.  As has previously been filed here, that sign is pivoted, making it look like trucks are banned northbound on 6th Avenue from Dean.  But because I think it will be hard for the NYPD to commit the resources to guarantee no trucks or buses come down this stretch of Carlton, I think DOT should be reassessing the amount they have reduced Carlton Avenue.  Right now the width causes a regular blockage.


Photos from a resident of the incident today are attached.  And here is the resident's verbatim description of the event:



We had fun this AM, heard truck motor too long, went to window and a huge, long, very wide yellow truck with a huge street roller piggy back on stuck between Dean and my tree. went out in robe..... told driver he was not supposed to be on Carlton as it is no trucks... he said: Miss I just came down on Carlton and could not make the turn onto Dean" 


"why are you taking pictures I am a city truck we do street resurfacing"  I said "that does not give you the right to use no trucks streets"  and he said " I am not talking to you, I am the city"  I called 911 and another neighbor did the same, police took a while to show, they all blamed the Mayor for doing nothing, they had to send for a crew, dismanteled the convoy and piec by piece pulled it to the bridge where they assembled it again.  This huge heavy truck had to ride on the sidewalk and at certain area the curb stone is damaged including by the fire hydrant. Have photos of everything (got dressed in between...)  the police promised to write a not safe report.  



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