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No snow shoveling on MTA property sidewalks eight years after project approval

Atlantic Avenue, Vanderbilt Avenue, Pacific Street, 6th Avenue
January 24, 2015 - 4:47pm

The State still hasn't managed to find a way to clear the snow from the project's sidewalks 8 years after the project was approved.  The wet snow from today is likely to freeze tonight creating black ice and difficult footing.  A great many of the remaining sidewalks are currently closed for construction.  The combination obviously makes the area undesirable to walk through and about.  The sidewalks that are cleared are on the arena block and the east side of 6th Avenue.
The sidewalks that haven't been cleared are the west side of Vanderbilt Avenue from Pacific Street to Atlantic Avenue, the southside of Atlantic Avenue from Vanderbilt to Carlton Avenue, the north side of Pacific Street from Carlton Avenue to mid-block (an area that needs clearing for access to parking on that side of the street) and the Carlton Avenue Bridge.
Also not cleared are a number of key street corners leading to crosswalks.  A pedestrian walking east on Atlantic Avenue to 6th Avenue has no way to cross 6th Avenue and continue on their way.  Instead pedestrians are walking on 6th Avenue in the travel lane with the traffic.
It is my understanding that clearing the Carlton Avenue and 6th Avenue Bridges are the responsibility of NYC DOT.  The 6th Avenue Bridge is cleared except the crosswalk at Atlantic, but not the Carlton Avenue Bridge.  The other sidewalks are MTA property.  Because it is a State public authority, the MTA does not need to obey NYC law which would require the MTA to clear their sidewalks.  This is one of contributing factors to the finding of blight the project was supposed to resolve.  In 2009 the project agreements were changed to enable the developer to take over the MTA's property in increments, allowing them to hold off on taking responsibility for all the project's sidewalks.  In 2014 the project was approved again, and a new developer with capital was added, but the State does not seem to have resolved the problem.  In 2006 the State and developer promised the construction of the entire project would be complete in 10 years.  
This was a subject of conversation at a Quality of Life meeting in the Spring of 2014.  I was personally told by a staff member of the State that they would bear down and resolve the issue, but this apparently hasn't happened. 
Photos are attached.  I did not file a 311 complaint because the MTA does not have to obey NYC law.

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Photos from approximately 4 PM

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I should have pointed out in the report that the photos are from around 4 PM.  It snowed overnight.