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Dirt sprayed outside of construction perimeter by drill rig likely

Dean at Carlton Avenue
January 22, 2015 - 11:55am

A drill located at Dean Street and Carlton Avenue may have sprayed beyond the construction perimeter onto Dean Street last Thursday.  The video here shows red soil outside the perimeter that matches exactly the same soil the drill is excavating.  The video also shows red dirt and pebbles extending from the drill all the way to the construction fence.  It looked to me like traffic had worn away evidence of dirt further into the street.
I have retained the original video in case the quality of YouTube is not sufficient to demonstrate the problem:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxvQpE5imAk&list=UU80z_6IGgNNMwtGZRmf02lQ
Numerous episodes have been documented on this website in the past of drills spewing dust while working in the rail yard.  In May 2011 a Casagrande drill spewed dust and rocks onto pedestrians and cars on Vanderbilt Avenue.  There were signs leading up to the event that the drill had sprayed dirt outside the perimeter of the construction site before, but they apparently weren't caught by monitors.  Following the event (which reportedly damaged 7 cars and injured 2 pedestrians)  an apparatus was attached to the drill rig to capture any potential escaping dirt.

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