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Cars that appear to be associated with arena are now parking in Satellite Uplink Lot

Satellite Uplink Lot
January 22, 2015 - 3:40pm

Arena and/or Nets executives regularly used the Pad (and sometimes the sidewalk in front of it) to park their cars.  There are still non-construction passenger vehicles parked in the area that once was the Pad, but it appears the executives have now also been given permission to use the Satellite Uplink Lot.   
The Satellite Uplink Lot was originally a town house but was demolished when the State took possession following the project's approval.  The lot was used for 78th Precinct parking for some time because the State is required to make 24 parking spaces available to the Precinct inside the project.  I'm not quite sure where the Precinct's parking is at the moment.  
A black BMW with a NJ license plate used to be regularly parked in the Pad and may be the same one in this picture.

Executive parking.jpg881.04 KB