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Passing vehicle hit by debris from drill at Dean and Carlton

Dean Street at the Carlton Avenue intersection
January 29, 2015 - 8:10am

I was passing by this morning and found an understandably upset driver being interviewed by a Roux-uniformed employee with a clipboard on Dean Street.  Her car and the Roux-labeled truck were stopped in the travel lane.
The driver claimed a "clump of dirt" had flown threw the air and hit her side window as she drove by.  The car was passing by the drill rig at the time.  Her side window was shattered.  She noted that if sitting near the window, her child would have been injured.  Photo is attached.
I filed a complaint about this drill rig apparently spraying dirt outside the perimeter fence on Tuesday.  The situation I documented was from Thursday, Jan. 22nd.  Here is the link, which itself has links to the past history of this kind of event at the site:  http://www.atlanticyardswatch.net/node/1717  
If I remember correctly, when cars and pedestrians were hit by debris from a rig next to Vanderbilt Avenue, a safety net structure was placed around the drill rig.
I'm not sure what Roux's relationship to the drill rig operation is.  Previously they have been described to the community as involved with soil testing and being Forest City Ratner's Owner's Representative.  Remedial is the "On-Site Environmental Monitor" for the project.  Remedial is a separate legal entity from Roux, but apparently relatively close to being the same entity as Roux.  In other words, the same, but different.  I didn't see any sign of Remedial at the scene of the accident although there are apparently Remedial employees.  I did not see any change in the operation of the drill rig as a result of my earlier post or any possible observations by Remedial that would have happened on the 22nd.
I have the driver's contact information.  I understand she is also filing a complaint with the Police.

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