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illegal parking of limos - Bergen St. between 5th and Flatbush

Bergen between 5th and Flatbush
February 14, 2015 - 9:00pm

Called in four separate illegal parking issues to 311.  During All-Star game.
53 5th Avenue  car parked at hydrant
429 Bergen
440 Bergen
474 Bergen
mostly black cars, one stretch limo, some with placards some not.  All in bus stop, No Standing, or No Parking Anytime zones.
Note:  this is a ONE-TIME, casual observation during egress from area and does not represent a survey.

The nature of the threat posed by the incident or impact.
Local community
One time
Public health

Note: All four complaints to

Priority: -> normal
State: -> New
Client: -> Public

Note: All four complaints to 311 were responded to within 15 minutes and all recorded with same message, "...observed no evidence of the violation at that time."