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After a month of violations the dirt mound at Dean Street and Carlton Avenue is finally "slimed" with green protective covering


Roughly a month after a mostly uncovered large mound of dirt appeared on block 1129, an incident report finally gave notice "the mound was "slimed" with green stuff."  The green stuff is presumably a protective covering to inhibit dust.

Only a few days after the "sliming," the mound was gone. It did not appear again in another location, suggesting the contractor only covered the mound once its function was complete.

For a month community members (and apparently the ESDC) had attempted to get the contractor to cover the mound or move it.

The photographs submitted with the report show one portion of the mound still covered with plastic and another with a slightly unnatural green hue.

Early this month this site reported that improper custodianship of the mound appeared to violate numerous commitments in the Amended Memorandum of Environmental Commitments.  Since that time, ESDC told this writer they continued to "reprimand" the contractor to ensure the dust pile is covered or wetted frequently, and that they requested an air monitor be placed near the pile to ensure air is not compromised.  An air monitor was located near the pile at times.  No neighbors of the pile have reported seeing wetting used, although the dirt is brought to block 1129 to be sifted and then shipped elsewhere on the site.  

The Amended Memorandum of Environmental Commitments states "all stockpiled dry materials (e.g., sand, aggregate) shall be water-misted; sprayed with non-hazardous, biodegradable suppressing agent; covered; or otherwise enclosed."  It also states "loading of any dry material which may release dust from trucks shall be accompanied by manual water spraying of the material," and that "a washing station shall be constructed for all truck exits."  Until recently, none of these commitments were met in the case of the mound, the sifting operation it facilitates, or the shipping of the soil into and out of block 1129.




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