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Truck hits tree on Carlton Avenue again

Carlton Avenue between Dean and Pacific Streets
August 3, 2015 - 6:00pm

Forwarded by a resident on Carlton Avenue in order to be posted here:
"Another NJ very tall truck hit the tree. He had 3ft + from the green wall! He just forced the truck through.  Why won't they close this block to truck/bus traffic????"
And accompanying the attached photos the resident writes:
"As you see he does not want to get closer to green wall as it would rip off his sideview mirror.  He run right into tree and forced truck through.  There should be no trucks allowed in this block."
Photos are attached

truck and tree one.JPG169.22 KB
truck and tree two.JPG155.17 KB
truck and tree four.JPG89.34 KB
truck and tree five.JPG119.6 KB
truck and tree seven.JPG108.09 KB
truck and tree three.JPG133.72 KB