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2015-08-14 NO community notice natural gas infrastructure for 461 Dean sidewalk closed no flaggers, idling for hours

461 Dean St
August 14, 2015 - 3:19pm

2015-08-14 NO community notice natural gas infrastructure for 461 Dean sidewalk closed no flaggers, idling for hours
NO community notice for 24 days of natural gas infrastructure construction for 461 Dean St with total sidewalk closures with no flaggers, dump truck idling for hours, vehicles including tractor block NYFD egress by parking tractor in fire lane on NE corner of Dean & 6th Ave. Posted no current information on project permits number etc. I asked for site supervisor & was told there is no one. The additional congestion is created because NationalGrid placed their construction materials on the SE corner of Pacific St & 6th Ave & now 670 Pacific St has no area to temporary unload trucks.
https://youtu.be/ZIYCKKJCbuc  idling for over 4:30. When the driver was told by another B3 construction worker I was videotaping, he drove off with another B3 dump truck using Dean St, a residential street that is not designed as a truck route.
https://youtu.be/RhTi1hfQN7k  sidewalk closed & posted sign directed peds to use other side EXCEPT there is NO SIDEWALK on the west side of 6th Ave between Dean & Pacific because it is walled off & closed & used by B3 construction activities. & again when construction worker noticed I was videotaping he tried to help woman with baby pram.
https://youtu.be/HvtAW_SvHsE  sidewalk closed south view from Pacific St
FROM National Grid: Renee McClure
Project Scope:
Installing new high pressure gas main in order to supply gas to new construction project at 461 Dean St.  Installation will be on in the street, on sidewalk or combination of both depending on existing underground utilities.
Streets Impacted:
Pacific St (at intersection of 6 Ave).
6th Ave (Pacific St to Dean St)
Dean St (From 6th Ave, almost 3/4 of the block to the new bldg at 461 Dean St ).
Hallen is the Contractor doing the work for Nationalgrid.
Time frame: The contractor is scheduled to be onsite until 9/5/2015 
Renee McClure

The nature of the threat posed by the incident or impact.
Local community
Personal injury
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