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Posillico Tully truck parked in no standing zone; undisclosed/illegal method of entering site detailed

South Portland Avenue
August 18, 2015 - 8:15am

A Posillico Tully truck was standing/parked in a no standing zone on South Portland Avenue below Atlantic Terrace waiting to enter the Atlantic Avenue work area this morning.  Specifically, the truck was located on the northeast corner of the Atlantic Avenue/South Portland intersection pointed in the direction of the traffic.  South Portland is not a legal truck route and is not included in the truck protocols as a truck route, so the truck was not only parked illegally it was on an illegal route.  It was standing/parked right below a residential condominium complex.
There were two traffic agents hanging out across South Portland on the mall side.  They saw no problem with the way the truck was parked or located.
As it was detailed to me by both the traffic agents and the truck driver, the truck was planning to back across the Atlantic Avenue intersection into the work area adjacent to the arena.  Based on the conversation, it sounded to me like a normal practice.  The traffic agents asked how else trucks are to enter the site.  I later checked the truck protocols, and no such manuever is detailed.  I don't believe that backing through an intersection is legal (and it certainly is disruptive in this case given Atlantic is a very active street). 
The truck also appears to have been illegally standing/parked in a "no standing zone." Although the sign does detail trucks can park there for loading and unloading, this truck was doing neither.  It was parked, first with a driver and then without, waiting to enter the site by moving backwards across an intersection against the flow of traffic.  
I attempted to document the truck in its location, and leave promptly.  One of the traffic agents stopped me and asked me what I was doing.  The truck driver then left his truck, crossed the street, and started cursing me.  Instead of letting me move away, the traffic agents continued to engage me and asked me what my problem was.  At least one of the agents laughed at the truck driver's profanity and appeared to egg the driver on. The truck driver stated I had photographed his truck before.  In no way did I want to engage the driver.  
Photos are attached.  One shows Posillico Tully insignia on truck door.  The other shows the driver leaving the truck while a traffic agent moves out of the picture.
I attempted to file a 311 complaint about the truck standing/parked in the no-standing zone, but because the condition was not existing by the time I was able to call, I was told I could not do so.  The truck was also on an illegal route.  I did file a 311 complaint against the traffic agents at the intersection who I found to be unhelpful.

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