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Concrete delivery blocks Dean/Vanderbilt intersection; information about work couldn't be more limited

In and around the Dean/Vanderbilt intersection
August 13, 2015 - 3:30pm

A large delivery of concrete was made to the 550 Vanderbilt site using an entrance to the site in the Dean/Vanderbilt intersection rather than the Pacific Street entrance.  To use the entrance the trucks had to be backed through the gate, requiring the closure of the Vanderbilt/Dean intersection with the use of flaggers.  A concrete truck was also witnessed entering the Pacific Street entrance from Vanderbilt via the north bound traffic lane.  None of the activity conformed with the truck protocols and truck routes for 550 Vanderbilt, nor was it disclosed in any meaningful way in the relevant construction alert.
The outcome was lots of backed up traffic and honking eastbound on Dean Street and southbound on Vanderbilt.  Concrete trucks were parked illegally in the bus stop on Dean Street east of Vanderbilt Avenue immediately adjacent to residences.  A concrete truck appeared to be using the bus stop on Vanderbilt Avenue north of Dean, (as I've witnessed in the past with other deliveries), but the video below starts as that truck was backing through the intersection to go into the construction site.  The video does capture the two concrete trucks parked in the bus stop on Dean.
I checked the relevant construction alert.  This is all it says in total about the work at 550 Vanderbilt for the relevant reporting period:

"During this reporting period:
• *Superstructure phase of construction continues mobilizing on site, including a new crane that will be installed during this period, and use of a mobile crane related to this work. Other related equipment and materials will be delivered to the site for ongoing superstructure work. "

I also checked the truck protocols for 550 Vanderbilt (B11).  It solely details entry to the site via Pacific Street, as I believe conforms with the project's FEIS.   To my knowledge there has been no disclosure of the use of an entrance at Dean and Vanderbilt.  Since Vanderbilt is an active street, and Dean Street has become more active thanks to all the lane closures nearby, temporary closures of this intersection are quite impactful.  
There has also been no disclosure of concrete trucks using bus stops as holding areas.  Trucks are supposed to be timed to arrive when needed.  There is space to hold any trucks that arrive early on Pacific Street -- a system set up to minimize impacts on the local area.  Concrete trucks are especially impactful because they have to continue running.  They shouldn't be parked below homes if it can be avoided.  The only entry to 550 Vanderbilt detailed in the truck protocols is Pacific Street. 

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