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Pacific Street functionally challenged/closed because of break in water line

Pacific Street east of 6th Avenue
September 24, 2015 - 9:30am

Pacific Street between 6th and Carlton was made yet more challenging today because of a water line break in the sidewalk outside 666 Pacific Street.  Pacific was flooded (as much by construction workers, equipment and DEP than by water), and the sidewalks were closed on both sides of the street.  Actually, they apparently would have been anyway since construction was occurring in the 666 Pacific Street sidewalk. 
When I arrived a family that left 700 Pacific was just walking down the center of the street in the travel lane to 6th Avenue.  The video begins after I follow them.  They are visible near 6th.  The video shows the sidewalks closed at   Unfortunately the flagger wasn't located so that he could properly instruct pedestrians, who had no choice but to take the street.  The street was more active than the video reflects.  
The construction alert states:

  • *Some of the geotechnical borings and test pits will be performed on the sidewalks along Pacific Street, Dean Street and Sixth Avenue. In all cases the sidewalks will be partially closed, however a five foot pedestrian lane will be maintained in accordance with obtained DOT permits. 

Whether because of the water line break or not, there was no sign of the 5 foot pedestrian travel lane.  The sidewalk on the north side of Pacific has been closed by Atlantic Yards for years without a temporary pedestrian passageway, and will be closed for an indeterminate period moving forward.  The sidewalk (and both temporary pedestrian passages) provided by the non-Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park development adjacent to 700 Pacific Street were both closed.
The water line leak was apparently caused by a drill piercing the sprinkler line.  The site is the location of the proposed new school and the B15 tower.  It is not clear to me if the drilling was being conducted by Roux or one of other contractors.  Tully and McKissick employees were present.  DEP was present.