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Late night construction truck noise

Dean Street from 6th Avenue to Carlton Avenue
November 12, 2015 - 1:00am

Forwarded to me by email (and posted to AYW with permission) from a resident with windows facing south to Dean Street between 6th and Carlton Avenues.
"Last night, like many nights (every night?), I was kept awake by many loud construction vehicles roaring down DEAN street from 1 am onwards.  I notified 311 via mobile app, which did not have a category that suited this complaint, btw.  I chose the closest thing I could find.  PD response was (explitive), as expected.  Here is the reference for you, for what it is worth."
The conditioning of truck drivers relative to Dean Street's standing as a "no truck" route has been eroded over the last months, and the number of trucks coming down Dean has increased substantially.  To my knowledge the approved late night construction associated with AY includes the delivery of the modules on B2 and asbestos abatement inside the B15 footprint.

The nature of the threat posed by the incident or impact.
Local community
Public health

What are the criteria for identifying a complaint as resolved?

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Hi Nicole-
Thank you for your response.  I will pass it to the person who initiated the complaint.  In turn, if you would like to follow up with the person directly, as always I am happy to take what steps I can to make that connection possible. 
Hi Gib-
As the administrator of AYW, can you detail the criteria you use for closing an incident report on Atlantic Yards Watch as closed/resolved?  Also, may I ask how many people are involved in administrating the website?


Criteria, administration

The criteria for marking this incident "closed/resolved" were explained in my last update to this ticket.

Currently, Atlantic Yards Watch has one administrator and two editors.


Criteria, not rationale

No Gib, your post provides a rationale for identifying the ticket as resolved and closing it, when I was asking by what standards you identify an issue as resolved on AYW.   In this case a narrow response from the State was apparently sufficient.  Obviously, I agree with posting the State's response as a comment on the incident when you receive it, but are you taking any other steps before identifying tickets as "resolved" on AYW? 
The ticket includes a reference to a problem one night, but ties it to a problem "many nights (every night?)."  In the ticket I add my own context that Dean Street's status as a no-truck route has been eroded in the last months and that the amount of truck traffic on Dean has increased substantially.  Nicole Jordan's response does not address the part of the complaint related to a decline in general conditions.
There are other recent examples of narrow responses providing rationales for closing and labeling as "resolved" AYW tickets.  On January 6th a resident filed a complaint about a truck being abandoned in a bus stop while idling.  Ms. Jordan's response was simply to explain that the truck was a boom truck that needs to continue running.  Her answer does not address the illegal action of leaving a truck in a bus stop.  And I'm not a truck expert, but when I look at the documentation attached to the resident's complaint, the photo doesn't look like a boom truck, it looks like a flatbed.  http://www.atlanticyardswatch.net/node/1705.  Why did you close this ticket and label it "resolved"?


Let's be productive

> are you taking any other steps before identifying tickets as "resolved" on AYW?

As you can see from my last update, I have asked the individual who observed the incident to post further details and we will update the ticket status as necessary.

>Nicole Jordan's response does not address the part of the complaint related to a decline in general conditions.

I would encourage you to enter tickets for specific incidents that can be attributed to Atlantic Yards construction and can help establish a "decline in general conditions."

>There are other recent examples of narrow responses providing rationales for closing and labeling as "resolved" AYW tickets.

As you point out, the "recent" incident you cite was reported over ten months ago. If a person submitting a ticket believes it has been closed in error, he or she is welcome to challenge it with further information. That didn't happen in the case you mention.

Atlantic Yards Watch is a community project funded and maintained by volunteers. It would be ideal if we had the resources to investigate and confirm every response we receive from ESD, but we don't. Since the status of an individual ticket can be revised, we believe the most practical incident management workflow is to rely on people submitting tickets to update them with further information if they feel their ticket has been closed in error.


Let's be productive. Exactly.

Hi Gib-
Your previous answers consistently sidestep my question what standard you have for labeling incident reports as "resolved."  I do not believe receiving a written response of some form from the State is sufficient.  
The person who originated the complaint has now posted on this incident report that he does not agree the issues are resolved.  To my knowledge there is no requirement an incident report on AYW must relate to a specific incident in time rather than an ongoing condition.  Both his comments and mine cite an ongoing condition.  Unfortunately, because there are no recent stories on the website (why do you need editors any longer, actually?) there is no context for the incident reports being filed.  There is a big context here, since truck protocols for the project have overridden DOT regulations that protect most people in the city.  One outcome is that it is extremely difficult for Dean Street and Carlton Avenue residents to identify which trucks are legally on our streets and which ones aren't.  And there are a lot more trucks.
I see the limited number of volunteers administrating AYW as a liability.   Likewise, the lack of stories on the website explaining the context of the individual incident reports is a lost opportunity.


My last on this thread

I understand the point about the use of Dean as a truck route for Atlantic Yards potentially leading to abuse by other drivers from outside of AY.

>To my knowledge there is no requirement an incident report on AYW must relate to a specific incident in time rather than an ongoing condition.

The ticket form contains fields for time and date in order to better substantiate the incident. They are not required, but you completed them on this ticket. If you would like to enter a ticket that lodges a complaint about an ongoing condition with no date and time, you may do so. My non-professional opinion is that reports that describe individual incidents will be more effective in the aggregate in supporting the case you are making. With all due respect, the additional effort involved will almost certainly be better justified than spending time continuing to browbeat volunteers who are working in good faith trying to help you.



Resolution rates

We both have been at the AYCDC board meetings and heard the State report a very high percentage rate of complaint resolutions.  I've reviewed the complaint results from the first quarter of this year and some resolutions depend on narrowing the focus of the response to one component of the complaint.  The January 6th incident I cited earlier (which you also closed as resolved on AYW) is a good example.  In my view, there is no benefit from AYW replicating the State's calibrated responses.
What has been effective in the past with AYW is a combination of individual documented time-based incidents reports and stories for context.  


Is this incident related?

Here is a potentially related incident recently filed on AYW:  http://www.atlanticyardswatch.net/node/1807#comment-328


Response from ESD

The following response was received today from Nicole Jordan of ESD:

Dear Peter K,

Thank you for your correspondence. ESD has investigated your complaint and determined the incident reported was not project related. All work on the day in question ceased by 9 PM.  I hope the information provided has been helpful.

Nicole Jordan
ESD Atlantic Yards Team


We are coding this as "Closed/resolved" because the specific instance of truck traffic on Dean Street cited was found to be non-Atlantic Yards-related. We are cognizant of the continuing issues associated with the use of Dean Street as a truck route from the Atlantic Yards project.


The usual

I was the person who filed the complaint. The statement from ESD is completely false. I was an eye witness to this activity. To claim all work had ceased by 9pm, frankly, is insulting. We have to live here. We endure this, every day, and night.


Details of the observed incident

Hello, johnnevin:

Can you please update the ticket with details of what you observed so that we can revise the status of this issue? In particular, information about the point origin of the truck and any markings visible would be helpful.




Are you kidding?

I am not in the habit of doing anything but trying to SLEEP at the very late hours this incessant noise was taking place, so, no, I don't have specific details on license plates, types of trucks, who owned them, etc....how on earth would I know anyway.

So, I am supposed to believe that these regular truck traffic at all hours has NOTHING to do with AY??? Is that what you are claiming?

If so, this continues to be a useless exercise.


Not kidding

I am sorry you were disturbed by truck traffic on Dean Street. However, there are several other construction sites within a few blocks of your location (to say nothing of construction in other parts of Brooklyn). We do need information to establish that the truck in question came from an Atlantic Yards site.

If non-AY through truck traffic has increased on Dean Street, it is also important to document that, as a response from City agencies may be necessary.


See my comment above

Hi Gib- 
You are right that documentation is helpful.  It is also good that you have now followed up with the original source of the complaint to ask for documentation, although I think it would have been preferable for that to have happened before you labeled the complaint "closed/resolved."
In terms of documenting the general condition, whether related to trucks associated with the project or otherwise, we are doing our best.