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Dean Street jammed with cars; Noise from traffic increased by wall; Carlton Avenue closed without notice

Dean Street and Carlton Avenue
November 16, 2015 - 8:00pm

Carlton Avenue was closed without notice last night and as a result Dean Street was turned into a traffic jam.  It is now a regular occurrence that Dean Street from Carlton to Vanderbilt is jammed.  
At some points in the week the movement across Vanderbilt Avenue on Dean Street is failed as an intersection because cars take minutes to get through the intersection.
Carlton Avenue was entirely closed for utility work.  There was no notice given to the community.  The work was apparently associated with the project; if so, it should be included in the two week look-aheads and the community should be provided additional notice.  
This video shows the traffic jam as well as how the construction wall, because of its location so close to residences, magnifies traffic noises.  Traffic is very loud as a result -- especially emergency vehicles.  This video shows a motorcyclist with a radio riding by:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOg-IgaL1CE
I was actually drawn out to the street because of a fire truck caught in the traffic.  Unfortunately, I did not get outside and start documenting until the truck had passed by.  The fire truck can move somewhat faster through the traffic because the cars pull up onto the sidewalk to get out of the way.  This is one of the practices contributing to the wear and tear on curbs and sidewalks along this stretch of block.   

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Response from ESD

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The following response was received today from ESD:

Dear Peter K,

As ESD has mentioned previously,  any work being performed by Con Ed or National Grid is not subject to prior community notice by ESD or the Developer.  Utility work by these companies  is not under the jurisdiction of the State of New York, nor do the MEC requirements apply to their activities.


Nicole Jordan

ESD Atlantic Yards Team

The ticket will continue to be in "active" status in the event the submitter would like to report any interactions with the utility companies involved.