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Illegally parked bus in turning lane on Dean Street

Turning lane on Dean at Dean/6th intersection
November 28, 2015 - 4:00pm

A VIP bus illegally parked in a travel lane on Dean Street for a long time today.  It is my understanding the bus was parked in the turning lane for much of the day.  This turning lane is often tasked for use by Barclays Center and construction.  
Presumably the bus is associated with one of the teams playing tonight, bu the card in the window says Cincinnati Bearcats -- a footbal team.  
A reduction in loading dock berths, (how many are there again?), a delay in the delivery of adjacent parking, and the unanticipated introduction of loading dock elevators have all led to arena operations spilling out into the community.  Then add the unanticipated construction of the other arena block buildings from the foundation up while the arena is operating.
To accomodate all of the things that were supposed to be below grade originally, the State and FCRC sculpted (without any public notice) an area next to the arena out of the dormant B3 footprint for arena use.   It was called "The Pad," and the arena operators used it largely as they wished: everything from the required emergency NBA bus, to a home for circus animals, to generators, to parking for rich people.   Now that the developer needs the pad space for something else.... who sacrifices?
I did not fill out a 311 complaint for this incident because the bus has been moved.  Photo is attached.

The nature of the threat posed by the incident or impact.
Local community
Personal injury
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Response from NYPD

Priority: -> normal
State: -> Closed/resolved
Client: -> Public

Yesterday evening, we were notified by a member of the 78th Precinct that the bus was moved.

The status of this report has been updated to closed/resolved as we have received information from a responsible agency of government that the conditions that gave rise to the report have been addressed. If a similar incident recurs, please submit a new ticket.