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Russo construction truck closes 6th Avenue for more than 2 minutes

6th Avenue and Dean Streets/B15 footprint
November 28, 2015 - 12:20pm

Here is a video of a large truck with a container manuevering to get into the former satellite parking lot in the B15 footprint:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyDwnFP8USQ
The manuever essentially closes 6th Avenue for more than 2 minutes.  At one point it also closes Dean as the truck pulls across the Dean/6th intersection and into Dean Street against the direction of the traffic.  Because this was done on a Saturday there was less traffic and less adverse impact in this circumstance.  But it is instructive of the the risk entailed for traffic flow.  With all the temporary lane closures, both Dean and 6th Avenues have been far more congested than usual, and 6th can be a mess.  
Note the dirt tracked out into the street by the truck.  Check your truck protocols and MEC folks!  I'm curious what specific part of the environmental monitoring team was out today?
While I videotaped this incident, I was videotaped myself by two or three of the construction workers.  Note the truck driver waving my camera away.   My focus is a circumstance I think merits being captured because it is unfolding in a shared public space which has been compromised by the project temporarily and perhaps permanently.
The project GPP originally assumed 6th Avenue would have 4 lanes but that was based on the dangerous assumption that there was sidewalk that could be removed on 6th to widen the street.  This is one of a bunch of mistakes the experts who put together the FEIS made which has real-life consequences for the public.  Without the 4 lanes, Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park has actually reduced the number of north/south lanes moving through the area from its pre-project condition, raising the risk of congestion on the remaining streets nearby.  And when further operational impacts from the project are added? 

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