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Aggressive illegal limo parking on 5th Avenue for Rangers/Islanders game

5th Avenue between Dean and Flatbush
December 2, 2015 - 10:45pm

Not one but three cars parked IN THE TRAFFIC LANE by the former Triangle Sports, which is clearly marked "No Parking" (duh- there is only a single traffic lane there; all northbound traffic had to travel in the southbound lane) as well as a hydrant.  See photo below. One was a yellow cab, one a white stretch limo (NY 21758 BP), and one a big black SUV actually straddling the crosswalk, on the Dean St. corner. (See 2nd picture, below, showing how it blocked traffic coming up Dean as well as pedestrians). A TEA directing traffic on the corner essentially said he would not ask them to leave (his language was hard to understand).    
Many other parking offenses were found, including 2 parked in the No Standing zone at 446C Dean and the Bergen Street bus stop just above 5th Avenue.

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